If you’re looking to use Twitter for business marketing, you’ve probably heard of Twitter chats. If you haven’t, don’t worry — you’re in luck.

This post is all about Twitter chats and how you can leverage them; ultimately taking your business from here to up there.

But before we get into that, let’s talk Twitter basics. Twitter is an awesome marketing tool. You can reach out to anyone regardless of geography. Plus, a huge majority of marketers are using Twitter for marketing (yes!) and building brand recognition.

So, what about Twitter chats? Most importantly, why are Twitter chats great for your business?

1. Building a bigger following

There are millions of Twitter users and while you may easily be able reach a small percentage of the market, there’s still a huge chunk of market share to fight for.

When you engage in Twitter chats, you’re providing value and engaging in conversations. When you’re able to provide top notch content and discussion, you’re building a reputation as an influencer which will encourage more people to follow you.

When you participate in Twitter chats hosted by SEMrush or Buffer, there’s a chance that the tweets will be shared on their blogs and other forms of media.

2. You are promoting your brand

What do you get when these brands post your tweets on their blogs?

You get tons of exposure. These companies or brands have thousands of loyal followers and the visibility you’ve earned will easily become a great way to promote your own brand.

If you’re actively engaging in Twitter chats, you could also get additional (free) promotion such as:

  • Honorable mentions
  • Opportunity to become a featured guest

3. Building authority

Authority status is earned, not given

Building an authority in any niche is definitely a challenging task. However, it can be much easier to accomplish with the help of Twitter chats.

Authority building is pretty similar to gaining more Twitter followers (in some ways). When you’re constantly sharing valuable insights during these Twitter chat sessions, you’re building an impression of being an influencer in the related niche.

For example, answering questions asked by participants is a great way to boost your credibility.

4. Understanding your prospects and customers

Twitter chats are created for engagement. In most cases, participants will share insights and even ask questions related to their problems.

In this case, you have an upper hand in getting first hand experience (and information) on the challenges faced by your potential customers.

To leverage this opportunity, we recommend you track the questions asked by the participants. At least, write them down on a piece of paper!

You could easily use this information for crafting blog posts, tutorials and even white papers to grow and nurture your own lead generation.

5. Connecting with your followers and customers

Let’s assume that you’re organizing a weekly Twitter chat session.

This would allow you to connect with your followers (or customers) in a very personal way. You are actually putting a voice behind your avatar.

You get to hear the challenges faced by your customers and most of them will appreciate that you took the time the time to listen.

Organizing Twitter chats also eliminates barriers such as distance and language. Twitter has built in translation which allows you to communicate with more people.

In a nutshell

Twitter chats are like virtual coffee shops where people meet up to discuss various matters. Most importantly, Twitter chats are excellent spots to create engagement and build relationships.

But hey! What do you think? Discuss with us further on Twitter (@MarketHubio) now.

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