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Premium Twitter Lead Generation Platform

Generate inbound leads for your business and maximize your Twitter ROI!
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Improve ROI

Generate high-quality leads that turn into sales leading to a higher ROI on Twitter.

Save Time

MarketHub frees up time for you to engage with your followers and actually be social on social media.

Gain Followers

Our proprietary algorithm optimizes your tweets to reach the most relevant audience.

How it Works

Find & Configure Feeds

Search, select & configure niche related article feeds. Our proprietary algorithm will tweet the articles most likely to have the best engagement.

Start Tweeting

Activate your account to start tweeting. MarketHub will grab the appropriate image, add hashtags/mentions, and start tweeting according to your settings.

Generate Leads

When a follower clicks on the article link, They will see your custom call to action bar at the bottom of the post. You can configure it to go to any lead capture page you’d like.

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MarketHub is a social media marketer’s secret weapon to allow me to efficiently curate content, promote my Twitter presence with a call-to-action, and give me analysis to let me know what is and isn’t working. I’ve already added two Twitter profiles to MarketHub and am about to add a third. Yes, it’s that powerful of a tool!

Neal Schaffer

Founder, Maximize Your Social

MarketHub has fundamentally changed our approach to Twitter. We’ve seen a significant increase in the size and quality of our audiences. MarketHub’s intelligent automation frees us to be more purposeful in our curation, genuine in our engagement, and smart about our metrics.

Daniel Pryfogle

CEO, Signal Hill

I highly recommend MarketHub to any business looking to grow though Twitter marketing. MarketHub has allowed my firm to dramatically increase the number and quality of Twitter followers and interactions. It’s facilitated the strengthening of my company’s brand while significantly expanding overall awareness. I strongly recommend MarketHub as a cost effective way to drive sales growth.

Brett Blair

President, Blair Leadership Group

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