Getting noticed on Twitter is definitely NOT an easy task.

There are over 500 million tweets published daily.

That makes it a huge challenge to stand out.

It’s also extremely time consuming.

These hacks will help you.

1. Get More Followers

The “hands down” best way to get people to follow you on Twitter is to follow them first.

Jeff Bullas uses Tweepi

Kim Garst uses ManageFlitter

Josh Parkinson of PostPlanner recommends SocialQuant

I won’t go into a specific strategy here.

The main point I want to drive home is that you need to find what works for you and get it done.

2. Add a “Call to Action” to Your Bio

Do you have a Lead Magnet?

Don’t hesitate to add it to your bio. It works.

Here’s an example:

Notice how Coach Brett Blair prompts viewers of his bio to Download his Free E-Book.

If you’re offering something of true value, people shouldn’t be turned off by this.

Actually, if it’s truly valuable (and it should be), you’re doing people a disservice by not promoting it.

Plus, you only get so many chances to get prospects into your marketing funnel.

Why miss this opportunity?

3. Create Twitter lists

Twitter lists allow you to do a lot of things. Here are a few:

  • Manage your followers
  • Cluster Twitter influencers
  • Follow specific Twitter users
  • Group and segment follows based on interests

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of other ways to use Twitter lists.

Twitter lists allow you to kick your Twitter planning and monitoring into high gear.

Here’s how you can create a Twitter list in under 3 minutes:

The first step is to create the list.

Hover the mouse over your Twitter profile image and select ‘Lists’.

A new screen will appear. Click on the “Create new list” button.

Enter the List name and description. Then, select if the list should be public or private.

The last thing you need to do is add a person to the list.

Head over to the person’s profile and click on the ‘gear’ shaped button.

Select “Add or remove from lists …” and you’re all done.

4. Use Twitter Advanced Search

Here’s what you can do with the Twitter advanced search features:

My favorite hack is the no links search.

Here’s an example: #SocialMedia -filter:links

This will show all of the posts with the hashtag #SocialMedia that DO NOT contain any links.

It’s really useful when you’re looking to engage around a particular topic without having to click through and read the content first.

 5. Make Your Tweets Visual

Are you using visual as a form of Twitter marketing?

Brands around the world are using visual to captivate and grow their followers.

Let’s take video marketing on Twitter for example.

Here’s a snippet taken directly from Twitter’s press release:

Today we’re introducing a more streamlined consumption experience for all native videos, GIFs and Vines on Twitter. These rich media creatives will now autoplay in timelines and across Twitter. We have begun rolling out this change to iOS and web, with Android coming soon.

Pretty much a no-brainer to get involved with video marketing on Twitter, right?

How about image marketing on Twitter?

Well, we’re all aware that a picture’s worth a thousand words.

So, instead of just using 140 characters (or less) to tweet, integrating visual into your Twitter marketing strategy can skyrocket your results in a very short amount of time.

6. Use Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are a really important aspect of your Twitter marketing.

If you’re wondering what a Twitter card is, here’s the official explanation from Twitter:

With Twitter Cards, you can attach rich photos, videos and media experience to Tweets that drive traffic to your website. Simply add a few lines of HTML to your webpage, and users who Tweet links to your content will have a “Card” added to the Tweet that’s visible to all of their followers.

Twitter cards allow you to create super attractive tweets that will turn heads and improve clicks.

Here’s an example of a tweet that has a Twitter card enabled:

Now, compare it with this tweet which has no Twitter card:

Which one attracts you the most?

Obviously, your eyes are probably more attracted to the image compared to the plain Tweet!

That’s the whole point of using Twitter cards.

It’s All About the Execution

Statistically speaking, these Twitter hacks won’t help you.


Because you won’t execute.

It’s sad, but true.

If you want to improve your Twitter Marketing, I highly suggest you pick at least 1 of these hacks and take at least a small action towards implementing it.

Even if it’s just simply adding it to a “To do” list.

The important thing is that you do it right now, at this very moment, before something else gets in the way.

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