Video tweets are awesome!

Yes, content is king. Your writing brings traffic, shares, and conversions but video tweets help you tell the story to your audience when you can’t find words to express your thoughts.

Videos on Twitter engage more followers.

Moreover, they stay in news feeds for a longer time than graphical or text tweets, which helps your content cover a wider audience.

That’s wonderful, but here’s the kicker:

Most marketers don’t know how to use video tweets right.

Even more, they have no idea how they can benefit from using video tweets in their content marketing strategy.

Here’s the deal:

A video tweet is a challenging but promising format of interaction with your target audience.

To use this feature “like a boss”, make sure to embody these four tweet ideas into action for better marketing and better interaction with your followers.

1) Reply to tweets with videos

Video tweets are a simple but effective way to show your followers the people behind your brand. Personal communication is significant if you want to build trust-based relationships with your audience.

For example, when the Olympic team of Great Britain (@TeamGB) decided to organize a Twitter Chat with their followers, they used video tweets to answer questions.



It’s as clear as day that such a format communicates better than standard text tweets.

2) Cover the news online

Video content makes you a party involved in the events even if you are geographically away from it. That is why brands use video tweets to cover a wider audience.

Want an example?


During Fashion Week, @tide marketers invited a famous stylist to record a video message.

They had chosen such a format because the video message revolved around the event and the product of this brand. Plus, their target audience watched it online.

If your plan is organizing some event with your brand, you can cover it online to stay in touch with your followers.

3) Use video content of your followers

Every user can download videos to Twitter. It means you can motivate followers to create video content related to your brand. For example, you can organize a contest where participants will post topic-based videos and compete for the big enchilada.

@GoPro uses this tactic regularly. They ask followers to send them videos and publish the best ones in their Video of The Day.


Alternatively, this idea would work for organizing some cool flash mobs. With a hoopla around online flash mobs (to name a few, let’s take the iconic Ice Bucket Challenge), it could be a perfect variant to promote your brand via Twitter.

4) Entertain and teach

You can share your promo content as well.

For example, @McDonalds records and posts videos that both promote its product and entertain its audience with funny and interesting video stories.


Your video tweets can teach too. Follow the example of Simple Skincare (@simpleskin): they post videos telling about nuances of skin care.


Any more proof needed?

Video tweets can help you market like a boss. They open up fresh opportunities for communication with the audience.

Even more, video content increases the rate of audience involvement and exposure.

Now it’s your turn!

Tell us how you use video content to improve your Twitter marketing strategy.

Have we missed anything? Don’t hesitate to share your ideas of video tweeting like a boss.

Even better, you are welcome to reach MarketHub on Twitter and share your thoughts there!

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