This guest post was contributed by Curtis Boyd, CEO of Future Solutions Media

Curtis Boyd

Curtis Boyd

Curtis is CEO/Founder of Future Solutions Media, an Online Reputation Management Company. He enjoys volleyball, writing and surfing small waves in foreign countries.

Content in your Social Media Campaign should be short, sweet, and purposeful. You have seconds to capture the attention of your audience and keep them. One way to keep people’s attention is by using content they are already used to spending time reading.

In today’s culture, people are used to reading reviews before spending money. They inspire confidence in a service or product, as good reviews can be hard to come by in something of interest. They also let all the words do all the selling for you.

When you start using good reviews about your company as content, you are doing multiple things simultaneously.

  1. Letting your old customers help you get new customers.
  2. Getting free and unique, relevant content to your social media strategy.
  3. Showing potential customers that great experiences with your company is the norm.

Some software will automate this process, and filter only 5-star ratings to be posted. At first, you might be better served doing it manually. You can cherry pick your best incoming reviews and post the best ones, linking to your testimonial page in case they are curious what your other customers have to say. It’s a great way to funnel your traffic to a contact page/email intake.

There are pros and cons to automating this as a process. If your business gets too many reviews, you will drown your other content out. You can help prevent this by rotating review content on different social outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Even if you don’t consistently get new reviews, you can make post-calendars with reviews written in the past, not previously published on social media/testimonials pages. If possible, get your client’s permission to post the review with their results. Show your potential customers why you have earned this review. It helps them visualize their results as well, and their future satisfaction with your company.

After you have established getting reviews, and have started to publish them on your social media you can think about customer testimonials. Customer Testimonials are the next step after reviews, they help customers visualize their satisfaction and social media is the perfect place to display these videos.

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