This guest post was contributed by Kenneth Waldman. Kenneth works as a content marketer at Ninja Essays. In spare time, he helps to create Ask Petersen reviews. You can follow him on Twitter.

Search ranking can be dependent on a wide array of factors that are not completely defined just yet. However, there is a grand number of common traits that every website must have in order to receive higher search rankings. The following seven content creation tips are universal for every website that aims towards higher level of content and its promotion.

Content of Highest Quality

The most important focus of a website is the publishing content. As a website or blog owner, you must make sure that the content you offer is more appealing and valuable than any other feature presented.

You must have heard this a thousand times now, but content is certainly the first thing Google takes into consideration when ranking a website. Fortunately for you, this does not have to be a difficult task. If you are in search of what good content must look like or need help in creating this particular website element, visit for assistance.

There are many sources you could consult when it comes to content. Have a look at some of the best guidelines out there for more information, such as Julia McCoy on What this article suggests is that you should focus on tactics that are chosen for both purposes of content creation and helping people when in search of particular type of content.

Having good content presumes having one with a long-form. There is a small study regarding an experiment with this type of content called 5 Things That Will Change Your Mind About Long Form Content Marketing. Surely, long-form content does not guarantee highest content ranking but has definitely proven to be a great advantage for those who decided to use it as a factor.

The Right Keywords for Your Content

Keywords and keyword density are very important in addition to content. The particular thing you should pay attention to is choosing those keywords that will leave the greatest impact on your goals and allow your content to attract a bigger audience and reach higher ranking.

If you have a limited number of ideas, make sure to have a look at the tool by Google called Google’s keyword planner. This particular planner will help you with related terms and keyword ideas, out of which you can choose the ones you like and implement them on your website. Also, check the SEMrush’s keyword research tool that can help you get informed about how popular your keyword is predicted to become.

Plan Your SEO Content Strategy

When planning a content strategy, there are a few factors for you to consider: resources to use, schedule to follow, tasks to complete and deadlines to respect.

Choosing the proper resources consists of planning which people, tools and what budget to be used in the content creation. After this, all these resources need to be implemented in the weekly or daily schedule of your website, i.e. how often you renew your website content. Furthermore, what you need to do is make a list of tasks that will allow you to create a workflow and ease the entire working process. Finally, the calendar will help you plan the content creation, publishing and help you be more organized by setting up some deadlines for you.

Know Your Audience

When creating content, one must know for whom that content is created. You have to identify the audience that your content is aimed towards. By doing this, you can focus on choosing content appropriate for that particular audience.

Know Your Goals

Trying to optimize a website is different for everyone, but there are a couple of points that all website and blog owners share. The goals of every website or blog owner are: traffic growth, increase of number of subscribers and attracting more regular customers. These are all similar points, but equally crucial to content ranking. Growth of traffic can be increased through guest posts, proper keywords and content being republished on other websites. The number of subscribers can increase if the right audience is attracted to the content. What one can do to achieve this is add free downloadable content in exchange for a subscription.

Defining Content Types

When defining the content types, the best thing to do is determine the best type that can help you rank higher on the Google scale. What you need to do to achieve this is choose the right keywords and apply them to the content in combination with the knowledge you have about the needs of your particular audience.

Internal Content Linking

By using links, you do not only promote other people’s websites and blogs but also your own. How? Because internal linking is two-side process that can help you attract bigger audience. The only thing you have to consider when choosing the right site to link to is picking one whose audience has similar interests with yours. Google can often rank a site as a bad one if it is link to many unrelated websites internally.

Content is the most important element in website ranking. Make sure to follow these simple tips for maximizing website optimization and achieve higher ranking in the search engines.

This guest post was contributed by Kenneth Waldman. Kenneth works as a content marketer at Ninja Essays. In spare time, he helps to create Ask Petersen reviews. You can follow him on Twitter.

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