If you are anything like me, you get a new follower on Twitter and get excited. I say “Someone took the time out of their day because they think I can add value to their daily life. Who is this mystery person.” I then check their bio and it is blank. My next questions,”should I follow them back?”

A big part of the Twitter game is to get more twitter followers. So your bio plays a huge part of increasing your follower count. Here are 6 ways to ensure your Twitter bio is not scaring people away.


Include your location in your bio. This is pretty straight forward. Make sure that your new potential followers know where you live. This is extremely important if you are a business. Let your customers know where you live and what areas of the world you serve. If you serve a global audience, let them know that.

Insert A Link To Your Website

Twitter is a great way to get found online. There is already enough noise on the internet, so make sure that your Twitter bio directs customers back to your website. Let Twitter help customers find you or your company. Adding your website link will accomplish this.

Know Your Audience

Everything on your Twitter bio should be created for your ideal follower. Know who you are trying to reach and engage with on Twitter. This will help you choose an appropriate background and cover photo. If your account is for business maybe your background is your company logo and you have a professional head shot for your cover photo. Twitter provides a free analytics tool that will help you get to know your followers so you can customize your bio accordingly.

Don’t Forget The Details

There is nothing worse than a blank Twitter bio, but it also need to be relevant to your audience. It can be very tempting to add all your hobbies, like collecting cat pictures, but if your Twitter account is for business, it might not be the right place to include that type of info. Keep it focused on what you are trying to accomplish with Twitter and stay away from the industry lingo.

Include Strategic Keywords

Just like adding the details, include keywords that your follower base will be searching for. This will help new followers decide if they want to engage with your account. Include common industry jargon that people understand like inbound marketing, social media manager. I again warn you about putting keywords that normal human beings will not understand. Strategic keywords will help build rapport with your would be followers.

Don’t Be Afraid To Update

You now have your bio the way you want it, it is perfect. Well, life will happen and things will need to change. This includes your Twitter bio. For example, sales are down on a certain product. Maybe for a month you link your bio to the products page you are trying to promote. You do not have to lock in your Twitter bio for life. If there is a valid reason to change it, do it.

Your Turn

Okay, you are going to add your location, link to your website, get to know your audience, make sure to include the details, include strategic keywords, and update as needed. Get out there and make your Twitter bio better for you and your company and most importantly your followers.

If you get stuck here are some fun tools to get you thinking.

Twitter Bio Generator

The Ultimate Twitter Bio Generator

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